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You should feel buzzed after sex.

We can help you if you feel tingly, numb, or unable to climax.

Feelings of tingling and numbness

Tingling numbness is not that different from the feeling of “pins-and-needles” when your arm or leg “goes into sleep.”

Nerves are almost always responsible for this tingling, prickly sensation. It can be felt after intense sexual activity or during arousal.

This is quite different from a complete lack of feeling or numbness.

Temporary numbness is usually not caused for concern

It’s most often caused by hypersensitivity or overstimulation of your genital nerves.

Post-sex numbness is more often described as tingling than numbness.

The good news is that vagina feels numb after sex should be temporary and can usually be treated with rest.

Contrary to the myths, you won’t “break” your vagina using a sex toy.

However, it is true that sexual stimulation can cause temporary numbness following an orgasm.

Vibrators, particularly those with stronger or higher vibrations, can cause numbness, making it difficult to achieve climax.

She reiterates that this doesn’t cause any long-term harm. It’s okay to just “turn it down” and have some fun.

This is often due to underlying stress or hormone changes

Some women may feel numb or less sensitive due to the hormonal changes that menopause causes.

Stress can also cause numbness, particularly if it is persistent.

This could be a problem with vaginal delivery

Giving birth can cause pressure, strain, or even injury to the nerves of the pelvic floor. This is particularly common for large babies.

This could be due to trauma

If you have suffered from sexual assault or any other trauma, it may cause numbness when performing sexual activity.

It could be a result of a physical injury or a psychological reaction. You might feel scared or stressed about the idea of having sex.

Talking to a doctor is a good idea if you have had a history of trauma or assault.

Speak to a doctor

Vaginal numbness is not a normal symptom unless it’s due to sexual activity.

Talk to your doctor instantly if you are concerned.

The doctor will perform a physical exam to identify the cause of your symptoms and recommend the next steps.

There are many treatment options

The diagnosis will determine the treatment. This process will begin with a pelvic examination by a Gynecologist.

The next steps are determined by what your doctor believes to be the cause.

If they believe you may have a herniated disk, a tumor, or nerve damage, they will send you to a neurologist for further testing.

Your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation if they believe it is related to damage to the pelvic floor.

You can get a range of treatments and exercises to help you regain your sensation.

You might be referred to a psychologist if trauma or stress is the cause.

Your doctor may also recommend Viagra or other medications to increase sexual pleasure.

The bottom line

It can happen, but it is not “normal” to feel a lingering sensation of numbness in the vagina.

Talk to your doctor if it is happening frequently, interfering with your ability to have sex, and if it’s causing you concern.

They will be able to help you develop a treatment plan that suits your needs. Don’t despair, it is possible to feel normal again with the right care.