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Communication is more than a gift that helps to express about us to family members, friends and others. Slurred, stuttered and slowed speech are few symptoms of speech impairment that makes it difficult to convey even a simplest thing and finally results in depression and social isolation.

There are many causes for speech impairment such as stroke, brain injury, dementia and more. It may either develop gradually or suddenly based on causes as well as kind of speech disorder.

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The following is some information about few common speech impairments and their treatment methods that help you to know how to overcome speech impairment.


Stuttering is the most common problem that can be seen in many people, even in celebrities. According to research studies, stuttering starts in childhood and lasts lifetime. Early detection of the problem helps in correcting it.

Causes – There is not any exact reason for experiencing stuttering, but few of them believe that genetic component is the main reason for occurring stuttering.

Treatment – Working with a pathologist can help in correcting language, speech as well as swallowing disorders. By practicing techniques like monitoring breathe and controlling speech rate will help to improve speech.


People with apraxia cannot move their lips and tongue properly to produce sound. These people gets confuse and uses other words like chicken instead of kitchen.

Causes – Dementia, stroke, head injuries and brain tumors are few common apraxia causes.

Treatment – In few cases, apraxia will go away by its own called as spontaneous recovery. While, others require speech therapy like repeated mouth movement practices. While people with severe apraxia need to learn sign language or hand gesture as an alternative form to communicate.

Vocal disorders

Vocal cords will be affected by various activities, injuries as well as conditions. There are different kinds of voice discords that can result in vocal disorder. They are Hoarseness, nodules or polyps, spasmodic dysphonia and vocal fold paralysis.

Causes – Throat cancer and ingesting drugs like amphetamines, caffeine and more are few reasons for the occurrence of vocal disorder.

Treatment – Once you diagnose with vocal disorder you will be advised to limit down vocal cords use to prevent or heal further damage. Also, you have to avoid taking caffeine and other drugs that irritate vocal cords. In atypical cases, surgery or some other treatments are needed.

In addition to these, there are other speech impairments like Dysarthria and Aphasia, which adults may experience. In case you develop atypical vocal symptoms consult your doctor immediately. By this, you will not only improve long-term outlook, but also prevent further complications as well.

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