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The novel coronavirus disease has created an unprecedented impact on our daily life. Many countries still recommend ban to prevent the spread. Many companies have started remote working while some organizations require their employees on-premise to get their work done. In that case, workers will be sharing the common workplace.

In many workplaces, workers share the small space where following social distancing may not be possible and moreover, they need to work for long hours in the closed area. In such cases, there is a high risk of covid-19 transmission. Another concern is the airflow. If there is insufficient airflow or poor ventilation, it can lead to high concentration of virus particles.

If you are a company, the safety measures you follow must provide healthy and hygienic atmosphere to the workers so that they can perform with peace of mind. Besides following the cleaning and disinfection routines, facilities should also concentrate on the indoor air quality to lessen the spread of disease since the disease mainly spreads through air.

Now you can conduct COVID-19 air test that detects SARS-CoV-2, virus that causes covid-19, in the air as well as on the surfaces. You can get the best services from Airtests Mattests Inc to check for this virus. They use advanced tests to check the existence of the virus and help maintain healthy indoor environment that makes the employees feel while at office.

Follow cleaning and disinfecting guidelines regularly that helps reduce the count of this virus on surfaces. It would be better to clean the workspace with detergent and water before disinfecting so that, the disinfectant can performs at its best in killing the virus.

Here are some more useful tips to maintain a healthy environment at workspace.

  • Even at workplace try to maintain social distancing. As an employer, you can limit the number of workers with flexible hours or shifts according to the space you have.
  • Provide hand sanitizer and other needed personal protective equipment and inform the workers where to find them and make use of them to ward off the disease.
  • Pay special attention to high-touch areas like, taps, desks, touchscreens, toilets and disinfect them frequently.
  • If an infectious person without any symptoms is present in the office, it may lead to viral particles linger in air. Make sure that the facility has enough ventilation that allows fresh air to circulate. Keep all the windows open which can to a greater extent reduce the concentration of virus in the air.
  • Similarly, if you find a person, who suffers from respiratory symptoms, you can ask them to check for covid-19 and stay home.
  • Encourage everyone to wear mask, even if it is efficient enough to protect the wearer. Masks can limit the spread while a person sneezes, coughs or even when talks.
  • Make everyone clean their desk or other surfaces and disinfect shared items as soon as they finish their shift timings.

As an employee, one must follow personal hygiene. Clean your keyboards, phones etc., frequently specifically if they are shared. Wash your hands with soap and water regularly, especially after touching high-touch areas. You can also use alcohol-based sanitizer. Finally, if you are sick, stay home and get tested.