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Alcoholism or drug addiction is not one person’s problem. It normally includes everyone in a family as well. One addict in a family can make the whole family regarded as the relative of an addict.

Enabler – What is it?

Every addict will have a guardian angel who will help them in all steps of their addiction. The help does not say about the ways of helping an addict get rid of the addiction, but instead is the lending hand for the addicts to carry on with their destructive habits.

An enabler is a person who covers for an addict friend or family member, and will also clean up the mess created by an addict in the first place.

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How to Know Whether You Are an Enabler

If you have helped your addict friend or family member with their habit of taking dangerous substances, then you are definitely an enabler. Here are some other factors that can make you decide whether or not you are an enabler.

  • If you fail to maintain or even establish boundaries.
  • Handling all kind of responsibilities related to an addict, so that the substance user will not have to take care of anything.
  • Covering up for the alcoholics or addicts
  • Trying to control the behavior of your loved one or screening the phone calls.
  • Staying in denial about the fact that you are an enabler, and your friend needs help.
  • Avoiding the necessity to discuss the problem of your friend or family member who is an alcoholic or substance user.
  • Instead of avoiding the substance user from using it or alcoholic from drinking alcohol, you are supporting them by taking it with them.
  • Not questioning the decisions of your user friend or family member, and instead you will be justifying their decision.

Helping a Dear One from getting Sober

Substance abuse problem is something that people go through, irrespective of their position in life. It is not reserved only for the musicians, celebrities, big businessmen, and so on, as you will find the issue of alcoholism even in the families that struggle to get through a day in their life.

Many rehab centers have been established all around the globe to help not only people with the drug abuse and alcoholism issues, but also the enablers as well. Instead of just criticizing, blaming and even lecturing people about their issues, these rehab centers follow different ways that can make the users and enablers understand about their actual issue.

Patience is the key to virtue. Substance abuse problem is not something that can be cured within a day or week. The severity of the usage decides the actual time that is required for helping both the user and the one covering up for them.