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Most of you have now understood the benefits that CBD can offer and therefore, it is time to make CBD part of your life.

To extend the matter even further, try to learn making CBD edibles of your own. We shall discuss few basics of preparing one edible made out of CBD.

Where to start from?

You can either prefer to use any of your CBD oil that you have purchased from the market or try to extract something from the scratch.

In case, you want to use any isolate you need to do some research about it and try to know from the manufacturers, how CBD can be extracted from the hemp plants.

To start with, search for hemp plant strain which may contain higher CBD level and THC of low level. You must get an idea about the quantity of CBD oil that you can extract from the hemp plant.

You may need to use coconut oil or olive oil of high quality and take 14 gm of hemp buds. In order to maximize your efforts for extraction of CBD you can use the following procedure:

  1. Prefer to use coffee grinder for grinding down all the buds as fine as possible.
  2. Use either a mason or any canning jar for combining one cup of your carrier oil and the grinded hemp buds, and then tightly put a lid on the jar.
  3. In order to prevent burning, try to place washcloth in one saucepan under water up to few inches and place the jar on top of washcloth.
  4. Now bring water in your pan to boiling point by heating it for three hours. Keep watching the pan and continue to add more water, as it gets evaporated.

Please note that you must track the water temperature during this process to make sure that the water should not exceed beyond 180 degrees C.

  1. Use tongs during this time, for lifting and shaking the jar after every 30 minutes.
  2. Turn off your stove top after three hours and use dry towel for covering the saucepan and then allow it to cool down for three hours.
  3. Now repeat the above steps 3 to 6 once more, but leave your saucepan covered overnight this time.
  4. Continue to repeat this process as needed. More you repeat the process, the stronger will be your oil extract.
  5. When you are fully satisfied with the final product, then use any fine cheesecloth for straining the oil.
  6. Your home-made CBD oil is ready

Irrespective of whether the CBD oil that is prepared by your own or you have bought from the market, you can use this oil in many different products.

This is one example that has been illustrated above. Similarly, you can also prepare your home-made CBD butter, CBD gummies, various CBD edibles including edibles for your pets too.

With these CBD edibles prepared by you, they can also offer you same benefits that you can get from any other CBD edibles that you are familiar with.