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The recent epidemic which is called coronavirus has taken the whole world by storm and in the span of last 3 months more than 60 thousand people have lost their lives in whole world.

Social media is full of myths that are circulating daily among us, and in this short article, we shall mention few of them, which you should discard.

  • Alcohol or chlorine spray can kill virus

Rather alcohol and chlorine spray can harm your skin particularly, if it will enter into eyes or mouth. They can however be used for disinfecting the surfaces.

  • Face mask can protect you

Doctors normally use professional grade face masks that can protect them however ordinary masks that you get may not be as effective.

  • Hand dryer can kill virus

No, rather one should wash their hands regularly with soap with water or rub and alcohol-based sanitizer.

  • Only old people and young persons are at risk

It can affect people of all age however those who are diabetes or asthma patient are likely to get seriously affected.

  • Children cannot get affected

Children are also as much vulnerable to this virus like any adult person.

  • It is just a flu

No doubt, COVID-19 also shows various symptoms of flu like fever, cough and aches, but it can be much more serious and mortality rate is between 1 to 3%.

  • Anyone affected will die

This is not a correct statement, as more than 80% were mildly affected and they may not need any special treatment.

  • Pets can also spread

So far, no evidence has been found that this virus can spread through animal to human and vice versa. So far, the virus has transmitted from human to human.

  • Rinsing the nose by using saline can protect against coronavirus

Though this technique may reduce the infection symptom but no evidence has been found that it will totally reduce the infection risk.

  • With gargling bleach, you can protect

On the contrary bleach is considered as corrosive and it may cause serious damage and under no circumstances gargling bleach can benefit your health.

  • Antibiotics kill virus

Though antibiotics can only kill bacteria but they may not kill these viruses.

  • Thermal scanner can detect coronavirus

This is used to detect only if the person has fever, which can be due to many other reasons too. Usually the symptoms of COVID-19 show up after 2 to 10 days.

  • Garlic can protect

No evidence found that garlic is able to protect from this virus.

  • Parcel coming from China spreads coronavirus

Virus cannot survive on any object for longer time.

  • Home remedies are capable of curing this virus

No home remedies found so far can cure the condition caused by this virus.

  • Virus will die as the environment temperature increases

So far, no evidence has been found to prove this statement.

  • Virus is created in the Chinese lab

Though there is a strong rumor, no evidence has been found so far.

  • Virus started as Chinese ate soup of bat

Scientists are quite confident that this virus has started in animals, but no evidence has been found that it really came from bat soup.