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Today, a majority of the population is suffering from back health problems. According to well-known medical professionals all these kinds of issues occurs because of maintaining improper posture. This is because correct posture aids in functioning of joints, muscles and even spine vertebrae to function properly.

Static posture of every person needs to be good to evade any health issues relating to your back. It means when your body is resting like while sitting, standing or while sleeping, the body form must be right.

Health problems individuals experience because of maintaining a bad posture:

  • You fall prey to symptoms of Exacerbating arthritis. Yes, any issues of spine vertebrae will stress your knees, thus there are ample chances of your knees to pain. It will eventually lead to lesser mobility.
  • Your blood circulation gets affected badly. While sitting in the same way inclined towards your computer for hours together doesn’t help in smooth blood flow. Thus, you are troubled with varicose veins symptoms.
  • You feel tired and restless all the time. Your muscles and receptors gets stressed, thus resulting in you feeling not interested to work and feel irritated. You aren’t able to focus your mind and even unable to sleep peacefully. In short, your mental health gets affected. Wrong postures do prevent ECS receptors to work smoothly.
  • While always keeping your head non- aligned to your spine and neck leads to many musculoskeletal issues. Thus, your muscles and joints weaken leading to migraines and joint pain.
  • While your neck and shoulder joints remain misaligned, there are high chances of you experiencing jaw pain. It may be unbelievable however medical experts say that jaw locks, cramps can be felt or you feel difficulty in chewing because of jaw pain.
  • Problems of respiratory system are faced while you maintain wrong posture. It happens because your diaphragm hasn’t enough space to function in thoracic cavity. Thus, you feel uncomfortable while breathing often. Unfortunately, oxygen doesn’t reach every part of your body required to rejuvenate cells, thus other health issues need to be endured.
  • The most troublesome discomforts that are the constant pain in back neck and shoulders all happens because of maintaining poor posture for many years. It happens because your rotator cuff tendons pressurize the coracoacromial arch present in your shoulder. Thus, even while lying down you feel shoulder or back pain. Even your lumbar muscles get tightened leading to constant back pain. While left untreated or you still continue sitting in wrong posture gradually leads in severe pain felt in lower back part. This is because your chest moves forward relating to protruding of your lower back portion.

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