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Many of you must have developed the habit of using bong or pipes for smoking cannabis or weed etc. there are many different options available while choosing the material for your pipes.

You can choose any of the following materials like:

  • Acrylic plastic
  • Blunts
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Papers
  • Quartz

However, the best option will be to choose a glass material which is of scientific variety. You can easily buy such glass pipes from any nearby head shop in your area. Following are few good reasons for choosing glass as a material for your smoking pipes.

  • Scientific glass will not break easily

Usually, scientific glasses have more thickness as compare to any Chinese glass made bongs that you can find in the market. Therefore, chances of breaking such glass are very minimal and that will be long lasting too.

  • Will not fracture under heat

We all know that glass can always crack, if it is exposed to heat and for smoking purpose, you will need to use hot water too often. However, with scientific glass, you will not face such problem, as they can withstand higher temperature.

  • Select wide percolator for smooth hits

As far as scientific glass is concerned, you will find a key feature, which is its improved filtration because of its percolators and hence glass bongs made out of scientific glass are more effective and have higher-quality percolators.

  • Awesome aesthetic

Besides having few practical benefits of scientific glass, it also looks very stylish too.  Various pieces which are made out of scientific glass generally will be very clear and transparent.

While smoking, you can easily watch how smoke moves, and bubbles stack inside the water pipe.

  • No dangerous toxins

If you smoke by using scientific glass piece, then it will be much safer as these glasses never use any toxin chemicals like any other type of glasses available in the market that contains few questionable glass chemicals that can be harmful too.

  • Compatible with accessories

As scientific glass pieces usually are carefully created and therefore, their joint size listing will always be accurate. This will lead to a world of opportunities to smoke with various accessories, which can enhance your experience.

  • Can be easily cleaned

Usually, pipes can get dirty after the use as it can get caked with resin. However, if you have chosen a glass pipe then you can easily clean them by shaking it with alcohol and salt. Same will not happen with plastics or metals.

  • Glass can be healthy option

Though smoking is never considered as healthy option but if you also use extra toxins by using plastic acrylics or certain metal pipes, then it will further aggravate it. Therefore, glass can be much healthier option.

  • Offer better taste

Glass is flavor inert and hence it won’t change the taste while consuming anything through this material. Same thing cannot be said about metals and plastics.

  • Different designs

A glassblower will be able to design the glass pipe as per his imagination and skills which has no boundary. You can thus get glassware of many different and new designs.