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A family photo session is something rewarding for everyone involved and we take it seriously at Brave Bear Pictures. As family photographers in Kent, UK, our main interest is in providing the best possible experience for our clients. We understand that these are precious moments. For the family it is a chance to document the closeness of their relationships and individual personalities, and an opportunity to document the passage of time as children grow. For the photographer a family photo session is an excellent opportunity to provide service, applying artistic vision and technical skill to capturing sincere, emotional images.

Sometimes, however, it can require a little effort to bring everyone onto the same page. Younger family members can get restless when faced with a more formal setting for photography. So it might be helpful to look at a few tips to prepare the little, and not-so-little, ones for their photography session.

Most people don’t like surprises. Children can also respond with resistance when dropped into unfamiliar situations. Long before the time for the photo session arrives, talk to children about the session. Letting your young ones know what the shoot will be about, why it’s important, and what your expectations of them are. This will help them feel more comfortable when the time comes.

Children love to have an active role in activities around them. Parents and photographers can help to ease anxiety and help children feel more invested in the session by involving them. Asking them what kind of poses they like, where they want to take pictures, and other questions that require involvement can reassure them.

Familiarity goes a long way to making people more comfortable. Consider choosing a location for your family photo session that has a special meaning. A favorite nature walk or another setting can be just the thing.

For larger groups, break off into smaller pairings. Give some of the kids a break while the photographer focuses on others. This will also provide an excellent opportunity to get photos that might not happen otherwise. Often if the children can see others having fun with getting their photo taken it helps them relax when it is their turn.

A family photo session should be something that is fun and exciting to do! There’s no reason you can’t incorporate your family photo session into an entire day of fun for the family. Plan to have another activity once the photo session is over. Giving the kids something to look forward to after a successful photo session can be great motivation.

Planning is essential for a successful family photo session. You should have certain things planned for well in advance like; clothing, bringing snacks or favorite toys, picking a time when no one is rushed and can just focus on the shoot.

When it comes time to plan your next family photography session we hope that keeping these tips in mind will help in making your experience a pleasant one!