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Hemp plants are full of natural compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients, and this combination has many healing and therapeutic properties. Humans have a long history of using hemp for all sorts of purposes, ranging from crushing hemp seeds and flowers for medical use to smoking marijuana for recreational purposes.

In recent years, the legal use of cannabinoid-based products like CBD oil or CBD gummies has become quite famous.

Today we will mainly talk about CBN, which is a lesser-known yet highly impactful cannabinoid. CBN, or cannabinol, is the very first discovered cannabinoid and has non-intoxicating and healing properties, just like its fellow famous cannabinoid, CBD.

Let’s take a look at this fascinating and largely unknown cannabinoid, learn how fast it works, and explore its potential health benefits.

What Is CBN?

Cannabinol, or CBN, was discovered by Thomas Barlow Wood in 1897. What makes it different from CBD is its lower affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors. This means that you’ll have to consume it in higher quantities as compared to CBD to experience the same level of effects.

CBN is formed when the degradation of THC takes place through the oxidation process; hence, it’s found in higher quantities in older and dried-up cannabis plants.

Since it’s derived from THC, it does have mild psychoactive properties, but you’ll experience them only if you consume it in very high quantities. In day-to-day use, following proper dosage guidelines, CBN won’t make you feel high or stoned like THC.

In simple words, you can call it a much toned-down and weaker version of THC. However, it does have some unique and amazing health benefits, which has resulted in its increased demand and popularity among new cannabis users in recent years. You can shop CBN oil for sleep 1050 mg from high-quality vendors like Colorado Botanicals.

How fast does CBN work?

How fast does CBN work? Well, there is no one perfect answer to this question. Why? because it’ll vary from person to person depending on their body chemistry, weight, medication history, metabolic rate, and the method of delivery used. Though generally speaking, when taken through sublingual methods, CBN might show its effects within 15–30 minutes of consumption.

CBN products are mainly available in smokable form (vapes), sublingual form (tinctures, oils, and sprays), and edible form (gummies). The fastest effects are seen when you smoke a CBN vape. You might feel a quick jolt of effects within a few seconds of taking the puff.

This happens because of the higher bioavailability of smokable products. Once heated, the CBN-carrying vapors are quickly absorbed through a large surface area of our lungs and reach the endocannabinoid system right away. Though this is not the safest or most desired way, regular vaping or smoking may cause irreversible damage to respiratory health.

The second-fastest method is to take CBN oil, tinctures, or sprays. This is the most sought-after and widely accepted method of delivery. Oil bottles come with a dropper, which allows you to measure the dosage accurately.

A few drops under the tongue absorb fast into the blood capillaries and release cannabinoids into the bloodstream. Hence, effects can be felt within 15–30–45 minutes of consumption.

Finally, the best-tasting but slowest method is to take CBN in the form of gummies. Gummies are available in delicious flavors and come loaded with many healthy ingredients, like melatonin or vitamins.

Since CBN gummies pass through the digestive tract before being digested, they have poor bioavailability and take an hour or two to work. For improving your sleep, it’s best to take CBN gummies a few hours before bed.

Potential health benefits of CBN

Now that we know what CBN is, and how long it takes to work, let’s figure out the ways in which it can be beneficial for your overall wellness.

Improve Sleep Quality

CBN is marketed as one of the best cannabinoids for sleep aids. People mainly use it to manage the symptoms of insomnia, irregular sleep cycles, and nighttime anxiety. As of now, there is an in-depth study going on investigating the effects of cannabinol (CBN) on sleep and next-day function in individuals with insomnia disorder.

Most of the sleep-related effects are anecdotal as of now. THC’s calming properties may help CBN improve sleep.

Antimicrobial and Anti Inflammatory

Studies have shown that CBN has the ability to inhibit the growth of various pathogenic microorganisms, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which causes staph infection, and Streptococcus mutants, which cause dental caries.

Also, just like other cannabinoids, CBN has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with symptoms of diseases like arthritis and irritating bowel syndrome.


Some studies show that CBN may exhibit neuroprotective properties, hence it may help in protecting and strengthening the brain and nervous system. It may also provide benefits in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, by reducing oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Appetite Stimulation

Unlike CBD, CBN does not suppress the appetite. In fact, it has the ability to stimulate appetite, which can be beneficial for individuals who are experiencing a lack of appetite, such as those undergoing cancer treatment or dealing with certain medical conditions. It means that CBN may also be useful in the management of eating disorders.

The End Note

The time it takes for CBN depends on factors like your weight, metabolism, body chemistry, and method of consumption. Vaping CBN smoke delivers therapeutic effects in 10–20 seconds.

Edibles like CBN gummies have the slowest onset time, and it’ll take around 1-2 hours before you’ll feel the effects. The best method is to go with sublingual, like CBN oils and tinctures. This is the safest, most exact, and most successful procedure, taking 15–45 minutes.

In recent years, CBN has become popular as a sleep aid. Though, just like CBD, CBN also has anxiolytic, pain-relieving, and mood-improving properties. Just make sure to start with a low dose and increase the dosage gradually for maximum benefits.

It’s best to buy CBN oil only from reputable brands like Colorado Botanicals, which provides you with the latest lab reports, good customer support, and bang-for-buck deals.