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Online CBD sales are difficult. Most tier-one banks and payment processors consider CBD a high-risk industry, making it difficult to get a merchant account to sell CBD online. Many platforms ban product ads. So, be creative. You can sell CBD online. This article helps you find a CBD merchant account, choose products to sell, and build a website while following state and federal laws.


Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity. It treats chronic pain and other ailments. Many pharmaceutical companies are researching CBD medications. CBD from other sources is used to treat pain. Some states have legalized cannabis for recreational use, but others only for medical.

CBD Laws, Regulations, and Licensing

13 states have legalized medical marijuana since the 2018 Farm Bill. Many states ban CBD and THC. Start a CBD business to sell online.

Online CBD benefits

CBD sales online are beneficial. So, your company:

Sell more. Online CBD sales can boost revenue. Globalization increases sales and competition. If you sell locally, similar businesses may be scarce. Global competitors sell CBD products on countless websites. This boosts sales.

Satisfy customers. Local CBD buyers must drive to your store. CBD may not be purchased in person. CBD can be bought online whenever.

Online CBD Sales Website

You must first learn how to sell CBD online before offering any CBD products. You’ll need a website with product info to sell online. Describe, price, and include photos. Post customer reviews and testimonials on your website. Social proof helps sell products and build customer trust.

Here are some tips for building a good website:

Good Hosting Is Key

Your hosting service will affect your website’s performance. Free hosting may disappoint your customers. This affects brand perception. Choose a reputable company with fast load times to keep your website online.

Build Relationships With A Blog

Posting content on your website builds relationships with customers and business partners. Writing about CBD products will make you an industry expert.

Email List

Long-term CBD sales can be boosted by building an email list. Because you can sell CBD products to customers without their contact info.

What To Sell?

Which CBD products to sell online is crucial. CBD merchants sell oil, capsules, edibles, beverages, and more. Selling products your customers want is key. Tell customers what payment methods you accept and how long it takes to prepare orders.

CBD Tinctures And Oils

CBD tinctures are the most popular way to take CBD. Drops of oil are taken sublingually. The water-, coconut-, or olive-oil-based oil can be taken by itself or added to tea, coffee, or kombucha.

CBD Foods, Drinks

Cannabidiol-infused edibles and beverages are a popular way to take CBD. CBD-infused chocolates, gummies, baked goods, and drinks are popular. New customers can try CBD-infused products through familiar products. It’s a convenient way to take CBD oil.

Topical CBD

CBD’s popularity has prompted a lot of research. CBD concentration and therapy effectiveness are also being studied.

Pens And Vaporizers

Vapes and disposable pens are other fast-growing CBD products. A vape requires a CBD-oil cartridge and battery. The disposable pen is pre-measured and ready to use.

CBD Supplements

CBD capsules are popular online. CBD capsules are popular for a variety of reasons. Taste is a reason for capsules over oil. The pills provide a tasteless alternative to CBD or hemp oil for some.

Payment Processing

After choosing the products to sell, choose a CBD-friendly payment processor. To sell CBD online, get a high-risk merchant account. Many of these providers offer accounts to businesses that other payment processors rejected due to risk.