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Even though research is limited in this subject, the use of CBD for easement in symptoms of diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety, and a huge range of maladies is gaining traction these days. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is derived from cannabis. However, unlike THC, which is also a compound, which is extracted from cannabis, it does not induce a feeling of “high”.

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Effects on diabetes and pain caused by inflammation

Even though the origin and treatment of type one and type-two diabetes is different, the problem displayed by them is the same, i.e., excessive glucose being secreted in the blood. Insulin on our bodies regulates the glucose levels in our blood. The pancreas secretes insulin and this secretion triggers the cells to allow the entry of glucose from the food that we have consumed.

This glucose is later used as energy. In type-one diabetes, the pancreas ceases to produce any insulin. This causes the glucose levels in the blood to rises which leads to damage in blood vessels and a lack of energy in the cells. Type-two diabetes is caused when the cells develop a resistance to insulin which is produced by the pancreas. This increases inflammation in the body.

CBD is shown to have positive effects on the following-

1- Diabetes

2- Inflammation

3- Pain

Different forms of CBD

Different forms of CBD can be used to relieve the symptoms of diabetes. Some of them are:

1- Vapes- this is in the form of vaporised CBD oil, which can be inhaled from vaping pens or electric cigarettes. This is the fastest method to experience the effects of CBD because the elements are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs.

2- Oils and tinctures- oils can be placed under the tongue by a dropper. This too is quick in its absorption. Another method of consuming them is to add them to the foods and beverages.

3- Edibles- these are in the form of gummy candies. They are a preferable option for those who find themselves in a trouble swallowing pills. However, the time for their absorption is relatively more.

4- Capsules- these pills contain a form of oils or tinctures.

5- Skin creams- these creams have a relieving effect on joint pain. They do not enter the muscle and thus, affect the local cannabinoid receptive sites on the skin.


There are many benefits of consuming CBD, and one of them is to relieve the effects of diabetes and irritation.