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Have you heard about oolong tea and also the benefits that they offer to our health? Some of the health benefits that oolong tea can offer are promoting your weight loss, andincreasing your immune system. People in Asia and particularly in China and Taiwan have been drinking oolong tea for centuries.  Introducing premium Taiwanese oolong tea to the United States, Yoshantea opened its first retail location in southern california.

Over the many years, the popularity of oolong tea has also grown in western countries too. It can blend the characteristics of both black and green teas into a sweet flavor that can tickle your senses.  The oolong tea grown in Taiwan is superior in taste and flavor due to its high mountain and misty weather.  The caffeine in oolong tea available withthemis quite mild and you can enjoy it throughout the day.

The following are a few of the best varieties of oolong tea from Taiwan:

  • High Mountain oolong tea

Taiwanese oolong teasare generally grown at mountains with higher elevation and misty weather.  They are superior in fragrance and taste.  The tea processing is also lengthy and complicating to enhance the flavor and sweetness even more.

Ali Shan, Li Shan and Shan Lin Xi are among the popular higher elevation mountain teas from Taiwan.

  • Jin Xuan / Milk oolong tea

This tea is generally grown at much higher altitudes and is the best from Taiwan.  This milk oolong tea is known for its subtle creamy, buttery flavor and having a smooth finish.

Its milky flavor is not created with any milk infusion rather the tea leaves can produce a milk-like flavor naturally and the aroma is produced when oxidized for some duration of time.

  • Oriental Beauty oolong tea

The unique ripe fruit and honey aroma of Oriental Beauty Tea comes from the bite of small green leafhoppers. Therefore, if the tea garden wants to attract small green leafhoppers to gather, it must not be sprayed with any insecticidal pesticides.  The leafhoppers could only survive in a specific mountain region in Taiwan.

Oriental Beauty Tea, a name given by the British Queen Elizabeth when she first sipped the wonderful aroma and taste after the British traveled and brought back the tea from the orient.  Nowadays, Oriental Beauty tea must be harvested in the hot summer in June and July, when the lunar awns are planted to the great summer, that is, 10 days before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, the tea buds grow into tea buds after being ingested by the small green leafhoppers

  • Dong Ding oolong tea

Dong Ding Oolong tea is famous for its long lasting rich flavor in the mouth.  Its roasting degree is deeper than that of mountain tea; it has a charcoal flavor, and the throat rhyme is more mellow and deep. Traditional Dongding Oolong tea is often equated with tea for the elderly. In the early days of Taiwan, when it comes to drinking tea, Dong Ding Oolong was the most popular.  Drinking tea is a must-have at home, and it has also become an important supporting role in social life. The serving size makes Dong Ding Oolong Tea the most respectable gift choice.

If you compare it with aroma and taste, high mountain tea is youthful, graceful, light-footed, fragrant girl with an airy temperament, while Dong Ding Oolong tea is an old school that has been tempered by time and paced calmly. Dong Ding Oolong tea does not take the sweet line, it “emerges” and accumulates the thickness of fermentation in each process (withering, wavering, twisting, baking).

  • WenshanBaozhong oolong tea

WenshanBaozhong tea is produced in northern Taiwan, and the method of making Baozhong tea is unique and only in Taiwan. The appearance of Baozhong Tea is strip-shaped, the color is emerald green, the aqua color is bright with gold, the fragrance is elegant and floral, and the taste is sweet and smooth with liveliness.

Baozhong Tea emphasizes aroma, the stronger the aroma, the higher the quality.  At present, the Baozhong tea produced in Taiwan is the best quality and best aroma when produced in Taipei’s Wenshan area, so it is customarily called “WenshanBaozhong Tea.” Wenshan area includes Taipei City’s Wenshan, Nangang, Taipei County Xindian, Pinglin, Shiding, Shenkeng, Xizhi and other tea areas. About 2,300 hectares, tea gardens are distributed in mountainous areas above 400 meters above sea level. The environment is special, especially in the Pinglin area, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the climate is warm and cool all year round, the snow and fog are permeated, and the soil is fertile. Therefore, the WenshanBaozhong tea produced Excellent quality.

You can always consider oolong tea as one of the items as a gift to some of your friends who will be happy to receive it for its exciting taste.

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