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With time, every one of us will face discoloration of teeth. This might happen due to various reasons. Hence, taking care of your tooth is of utmost importance. You might want them to be whiter and brighter to have a beautiful smile on your face.


There are many teeth whitening treatments done by a dentist or you can try some home whitening products. There might be some side effects of these teeth whitening products, so it is always better to follow the directions given on the product label.


Teeth Discoloration:

First, let us understand why teeth become discolored with time.

  1. It mainly happens due to certain food and beverage or due to smoking habit. Food items like coffee, tea, red wine, food with colors and dyes, tobacco can all lead to stain. These are called extrinsic discoloration, which can be treated by good whitening toothpaste that targets the teeth outside stains.
  2. Another cause for discoloration is due to some medications, childhood trauma, infection, or aging. These are called intrinsic discoloration and need professional attention to get it repaired. We know a place named Smile Arts of Newyork that has the best cosmetic dentist in New York. They have the latest cosmetic techniques, state of the art technology that can help their clients with modern dentistry.


What are the various teeth whitening options?

Options are a lot for us to understand, but what we need is proper guidance. Many people opt for professional help, but some try helping themselves using home remedies or take over-the-counter medicines themselves without any prescription from the dentist. So, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind to select the option that is best for you

  1. Understand your age and your previous dental history such as filling and crowns
  2. The type of discoloration you have and which method is best for you including the cost involved.


What are the professional teeth whitening method?

  1. An in-office treatment is something that works quickly. It just takes a few hours in the doctor’s clinic and the effect lasts longer. This is because the hydrogen peroxide used in the product is of higher concentration.
  2. At home, treatment is something that you can do at home. Your dentist can make custom-fit trays to fit your mouth. All you need to do is to add some gel and wear them every day for 30 mins for next few weeks.


The other teeth whitening products include whitening toothpaste, strips, activated charcoal, or other home-made remedies. These are all very slow remedies that might take longer to whiten their teeth or these methods are not scientifically proven that might work.



Though teeth whitening procedure is considered safe, there are some side effects from these treatments:

  1. Sensitivity of teeth: After following the teeth whitening method, you might find some sensitivity in the teeth, which can be treated with certain products made of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel.
  2. Irritated gum: This happens when your whitening product comes in contact with your gums. It should go away after the treatment stops.


It is always better to take proper advice from your doctor for such problems.