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Bubblers may not be used as commonly as bowl or bongs, but many smokers prefer to use bubblers too. You can find these bubblers in many different designs and styles, which will make them special as compared to pipes.

Most of the bubblers that you will get from the nearby head shop will be made of glass, which are hybrid of bong pipes. Bubblers are also cleared like bongs in following 2 ways:

  • After taking your hit, you can release its carb hole
  • You can also lift removable hitter from the top for creating airflow.

These bubblers usually are artistically designed and available in interesting patterns, colors and shape. Though many may not use bubbler as daily driver, but they can be perfect for any group parties because of their splendid designs and easy rips.

Choose your bubbler first

Since these bubblers are available in many designs and shapes and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. There is nothing as right or wrong selection, but few things must be considered while choosing your bubbler.

  1. Usually, a good bubbler can stand on its own, so that you can easily store it. Also, while not in use it can keep it from water leaking.
  2. Glass thickness will be important as bubblers are prone to fall down. Ensure that glass is less than 3mm of thickness and prefer borosilicate glass.
  3. Usually, bubblers can be about 5” to 10” long and about 2” to 5” tall. So, while choosing consider these questions:
  • Do you want portable bubbler?
  • Can it perfectly fit in the hand?
  • How much quantity of water will you require?
  • Will it be very difficult to clean?

How will you use bubbler?

  1. Fill it with water

Try to fill the bubbler until it will sound just right as you inhale. In case you cannot hear the bubbles then you have filled too much but if bubbles will sound too aggressive then it is not relaxing, so you need more.

  1. Pack your bowl

Also, ensure that you do not pack your bowl too tight as this may restrict airflow and will make it difficult to smoke. You need not pack it very loosely too, or you may burn the herbs faster and end up pulling them.

  1. Light your bowl and inhale

Now light your herbs to inhale with finger on rush hole to create vacuum and get good suction for lighting the bowl to get smoke. Try to light in the corners first, instead of the middle area to get most out of the bubbler.

  1. Take your hit and pass

After you have inhaled sufficiently, try to take the finger off the rush hole to inhale. Then sit back, exhale and cough to enjoy the ride. Then pass it to next in line well before the flame burns out.

  1. Clear the bowl and empty water when done

After you have finished smoking bubbler, make certain that you dump out if any water still remains to avoid spills or odor is build up, and also with mold and bacteria.